2 step forms without 2 separate forms

Hi all,

Imagine you have a sales process (form) where you first collect initially name, last name and phone.

Once this form submitted you show the user other set of questions which are more detailed and helps you to segment.

I know we can create 2 forms and l can prefill the 2nd form based on the answers given on the first one.

BUT I’m looking for another solution which I think would be a good improvement.

I would be great that we could have 2 forms within a form or 2 “submit” buttons within the same form.

Current implementation requires someone to submit the initial form which then takes them to the thank you page, which is the second form.

This approach requires a new form being the called , page to be refreshed etc.

My suggestion is have the same functionality as the current multiplepage forms but some of the page buttons will act as the submit button which will save the information and will display the next set of questions.