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I am Julie Hume. I live in Tenerife but have SEO clients in US, SIngapore and Australia. I first used Paperform to create a very complicated form for a travel site that had many (many, many) responsive options depending on travel class, people in party, country visited.

Roxy and Dean were fantastic. Their patience with me during that time saved me from disaster.


My name is Dave and I’ve been a Paperform user since December 6, 2016 when I took advantage of the deal they offered on AppSumo.

I am so glad I did!

At that time, I had been using Gravity Forms on a WordPress website, and while I was perfectly happy with it, I’m always open to new options. And in this case, improvements.

I have to say, Paperform has been a GREAT addition. Dean and Diony, back when it was just the two of them, have always been very receptive, and their support has been excellent.

I’ve purchased many products through AppSumo over the years, but this (Paperform) has unquestionably been my favorite, and most used.


I should add, we use Paperform for a school parent-teacher organization (PTO) in a variety of ways. We use it primarily for collecting orders for various events (e.g. selling tickets to different school dances, raffle tickets, meal order forms, etc…), which almost always have submission deadlines, but I created a copy of one of our forms (disabling payments) to submit as an example:

What we love about it is all the conditional logic that can be applied. For instance, the menu options (for a lunch order form) only get displayed once the student’s grade is selected. Similarly, for each grade, we program in the list of teachers at that grade level for data integrity purposes, and also for ease of use for the parent filling out the form.

It’s such a great, user-friendly tool that can accomplish so many things.

P.S. We haven’t yet, but might give the Bookings offering a chance (though, the group is pretty comfortable using SignUpGenius for that purpose). We’ll see. :wink:


Hey @dmw71, nice to meet you! Thanks for sharing your experience with Paperform, really insightful :thinking: How were you thinking to use the bookings? Also wondering whether the SignUpGenius has any useful features that Paperform currently doesn’t, or vice versa?

To be honest, the SignUpGenius piece is something other people in the organization have set up and managed, so I don’t personally have experience using it. I’ve also never really looked into Bookings, so I can’t tell how the two products would compare.

As for how SignUpGenius is currently being used, it’s mostly for registering for “something” where there are a specific number of spots that need to be filled. Say, a pot-luck luncheon. The organization will need various food items, a variety of beverage options, plates/napkins, etc… They would create slots for all the needed items and, as people would register, those slots would be filled (to avoid duplication). It’s pretty convenient, actually.

It does sound like Bookings would be a more than adequate replacement, but, when I spoke with the person primarily responsible for creating the SignUpGenius events, there was some reluctance to change due to their familiarity and comfort with the current tool.

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@dmw71 super insightful, thanks for sharing! I know that @dean and @Josh have been working on that use-case for Bookings (filling in the slots for events/items).

@dmw71 if you or the person responsible for events have 30min to chat, maybe one of you (or both!) would be eager to book in our office hours: https://office-hours.paperform.co/. Then @dean or @Josh could walk you through Bookings feature and see whether you could use it for your purposes.

@VladShvets, I will pass this opportunity along, but I’m afraid the odds of that happening are pretty low. We use Paperform to service a school organization. While it hasn’t been announced officially, there’s a very good chance the rest of the school year is going to be cancelled.

And this will be my last year at the school as my child will be graduating from there.

I was the one that introduced Paperform to the group, and led many of their technology initiatives, so I strongly suspect they will be maintaining status-quo in the future; working with what works.

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@dmw71 got it, makes sense! No worries, just happy that you found Paperform useful anyway :slight_smile: What’s your plan after leaving the school by the way?

@VladShvets, I’ve been a volunteer of this school organization for the past seven years.

I’m planning on taking a well-deserved break.


Hi everyone! This is Luis, from Spain. I’m an English teacher, translator, freelance writer and, recently, I got a job as an SEO Consultant.

I’ve been using Paperform mainly for leadgen. It’s a great way to offer lead magnets to my blog readers and it works super smoothly. You can see an example here:


For just an email address or a small paid contribution, I offer my readers some digital content.

That’s mainly how I use it. However, I’ve also created some calculators for English exams or a translation fee calculator, like the following:


I love to work with Paperform’s calculation feature. It’s taken me a bit to learn and some help from Paperform’s awesome support team, but the results are amazing. :slight_smile:

Happy to be here!


Hey @Luis_PW! Nice to meet you :slight_smile: Your website looks really cool, and Paperform’s form fits in very snugly. The calculation forms look great as well — we might look into creating a few templates for online language schools / teachers down the road :thinking:

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Hi there, Sebastian from Berlin, Germany here! :grinning:

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Welcome Sebastian! Would love to hear your thoughts and ideas about Paperform in this forum! :smiley: