Allow Interactive Video Responses (

Great product so far guys - Love Paperform and the features :slight_smile:

We all understand how valuable video is - the attention spans of users are dwindling and if we can interact with our potential clients through a medium where we can communicate visually, I believe we’ll have an easier time communicating our services/producs to them.

What I think would definitely innovate on this platform is to have the ability to have video answers so that we can provide an extra layer touch point to users who may have additional questions or would like to have clarity on the things that we provide. Paperform doesn’t have to re-invent the wheel in regards to video hosting - integrations with leading providers (dropbox, google drive) would work just as well for this.

I was inspired to share this by seeing what Typeform has created on their platform.

Watch the video below:

Let’s get the founders to put this on their list of things to knock out (hopefully by the end of the year!)


I don’t think enough Paperform fans know about the VideoAsk feature that Typeform just released for them to upvote this feature; it’s worth taking a look: