Analytics - StartedForm 3rd Party Scripts

Under the analytics tab we can put in 3rd party scripts for page load and submissions successful. I’d like to request adding another box to paste 3rd party scripts for “started form submission”.

This would be much more efficient for creating custom conversions with paid advertising.

Hi, John.

In your script, you should be able to operate based on the StartedSubmission event. You could try adding a new event based on that or assigning some value when the submission is started. Additionally, GA4 allows you to operate based on those things as well.

Check out this help doc from Google on the matter:

I can do that with a UA property as well. I can bring in the events as conversions in Google Ads, the problem is when you do that, it forces you to “track as a conversion”. This tells Google to optimize for this event. I want to add it as a conversion in Google Ads but “not track” so my account doesn’t optimize for this event, but I’m still able to track it in my ads manager.

Hi John,
If you do not import the Conversion event from GA into Google Ads then google won’t be optimising for the event.