Auto fill Google sheet set up and matching headers

Just a couple of helpful suggestions. Love your platform by the way.

  1. So I create a paperform. Then try to link it to a Google sheet. When you choose the sheet you have to then manually enter every question code to the corresponding header question. Can you please introduce a feature button that automatically matches code to the question. Then you only have to tweak codes that don’t match. It takes FOREVER… that’d be great.

ie. First Name matches to {{6deee8}} which correlates to the question “First Name” in Paperform.

  1. When I link a Paperform to a google sheet, can you introduce a way that it feeds not only the submission data but also the questions as the headers in the Google sheet? You can’t send a test submission to that sheet unless you manually enter the header questions…

It’s a LONG copy and paste exercise to match them up when you have 60+ questions and multiple redirection options.


Similar topic: would also be great to just be able to shift all of the headers up or down.

I setup my Google Sheet and synced about 20 columns, but then realized I wanted to add a new column in the 2nd position. So I had to manually move all of the existing headers down one position.

Yes an auto-populate all headers to a Google Sheet would be a very helpful addition as it will save form creation time. Especially on larger forms

Hey, @Al_Belcher, @gcfa.andrew, and @brettski.

We currently have an outstanding feature request to auto-populate a connected worksheet with the question titles as your column headers. The product team may elect to move forward on that based on feasibility and demand, which we continually monitor.

Since column names can be arbitrary on the connected worksheet, we can’t automatically match those arbitrary names with answers from the form. For example, say you have a question — What can we call you? — and a column that represents that answer on your worksheet — Full name. We wouldn’t know that we should map that answer to that column. It’s open to interpretation and highly variable.

Additionally, when inserting or removing a column in the connected worksheet, the logic follows similarly. We don’t have any real way of knowing that the column added is not meant to be a replacement and instead an addition. You might want to simply shift everything, or you might not.

Hope this helps, all!

Yes helpful. My thoughts is that it wouldn’t handle updates, or currently existing sheets with date at all, due to like you said, difficult to manage and highly variable.

I was thinking more from the initial create/setup of the document. I point to the google sheet and setup, each question becomes a column and is auto-tied together in Paperform. If I edit, change, remove a question, I will need to adjust that myself in Paperform and Sheets.

IMO this would still be a big time savings.

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For others making their way here for this functionality, a word of warning, don’t reorder your columns as all the mappings will remain in the same order having you to remap the fields.

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