Auto fill Google sheet set up and matching headers

Just a couple of helpful suggestions. Love your platform by the way.

  1. So I create a paperform. Then try to link it to a Google sheet. When you choose the sheet you have to then manually enter every question code to the corresponding header question. Can you please introduce a feature button that automatically matches code to the question. Then you only have to tweak codes that don’t match. It takes FOREVER… that’d be great.

ie. First Name matches to {{6deee8}} which correlates to the question “First Name” in Paperform.

  1. When I link a Paperform to a google sheet, can you introduce a way that it feeds not only the submission data but also the questions as the headers in the Google sheet? You can’t send a test submission to that sheet unless you manually enter the header questions…

It’s a LONG copy and paste exercise to match them up when you have 60+ questions and multiple redirection options.

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Similar topic: would also be great to just be able to shift all of the headers up or down.

I setup my Google Sheet and synced about 20 columns, but then realized I wanted to add a new column in the 2nd position. So I had to manually move all of the existing headers down one position.