Brett from THAT Conference

I work for THAT Conference. THAT is a polyglot community for all things technology where members help, teach and support each other year round. We have been hard at work improving ourselves and how we bring people together in the face of this pandemic. 2020 allowed us to bring a notebook full of ideas, sketches and a vision to serve the community to life,

We most recently brought our ticketing system in-house and needed a way to collect important information about Campers. Having only two developers, building out a whole form system didn’t make much sense and used time which could be better utilized elsewhere, like getting back to our in-person event in July, 2021. After a long, tiring search for products for us to use Paperform has been ticking all the boxes of us. We’ll be using Paperform to collect data about our members when they come to events (think t-shirt size, emergency contact, demographic information, etc.), feedback on sessions and whatever else we come up with :smiley:. Oh and there are some crazy-ass ideas!

I am quite excited to have run into Paperform.


Hey Brett!! That sounds awesome, and we are very happy you ran into Paperform too! Glad you are able to collect all the info for your events, and we are here to help you if you want to brainstorm more use cases for which you can use Paperform. Just let us know! Cheers!