Capture GCLID and Google Analytics ClientID

This will be a massive feature to have for companies which are advertising online but sell product/services offline.

If Google Analytics ClientID is captured then it could be sent back to Google Analytics via customer’s CRM when a sale is closed.

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It’s a bit messy but as a workaround in the meantime it could be possible to use prefilling to pass those values to hidden fields in the form and capture them that way.

I do not think that you can pass Google Analytics ClientID using prefilling since that ID is set by Google analytics during the visit. It needs to be extracted from GA cookie.

In regard to GCLID yes it can be extracted from URL but then we limit ourselves to that paperform should be present on the landing page.

Yes, it would be messy. You would have to wait for GA to load, extract the id, add it to the url and reload the page.

I agree. This would be helpful for me.