Connecting Paperform and Google Docs with Integromat

Hi everyone !

I’m trying to connect one of my form with Google Docs to “Create a document from a template”.

I’ve got a problem with “Multiple Choice” questions :

Even if there are more than one answer chosen, only one choice appears on the new created google docs.
Sans titre

Does anyone knows how can i resolve this ?


Hi Flo_To_LP ??? :slight_smile:

You need iterate through the answers. ( value[] )
The answer to your question “blablabla” is an array which can contain multiple values. ( This can be seen under value[] then [1], [2] etc.

I advise you ask to Integromat they will help you out.

I found how to resolve this :


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Awesome! I may need something like this in the near future. Would you screenshot your final connection again so we can learn from your setup?