Create PDF from the web form


we’re creating paper forms to be signed offline, and gathering data for that from customers.

Right now we have to re-create the custom PDF templates (so design forms twice - one for gathering input and the other for printout). It would be great to generate PDFs that look like the web form as-is, so we don’t have to re-create them again.


That’s what I do now as a customer (and consultant for clients) using They integrate natively within their suite using Formstack Forms, but I prefer Paperform and Zapier to accomplish the same - web form to completed PDF.


I have a demo on my website you can test out:

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Hello @keo,

I’m using a Webmerge alternative to do the job - Plumsail Documents. It’s possible to connect it to Paperform in Zapier, to populate your PDF forms automatically.

The guys have great technical support. I believe they will help you to achieve your goal in case you need any assistance. The site itself has a plenty of ready-to-use examples. Maybe, you’ll find them useful.

kindly add custom pdf templete to the paerform like in jotform
custom pdf designer is there, but it is not advanced one
we cannot create good templete
kindly add this is the update request

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We pump the data into Zapier and then use the action. Seems to work well!

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I would love seeing a native solution in paperform too, to replace the costly webmerge/formstacks.
With only a pdf, with fields between {{…}} that would be replaced by the content of our form fields. And be able to send or retrieve this pdf to send it by email or store it somewhere to send it later. Thanks