Customization of Address field


It would be great if you could customize the Address field type more. For instance, hide some elements of the field. In Germany, we do not use states, for instance, and so making the “State” field a required entry is a conversion killer.

Just make it possible to hide at least the State, that would be awesome.



I fully agree, I’d also love to have more customization.
The current address field mainly caters for English speaking environments.

As a matter of fact, I do not use it at all partly because of the required state field which is totally irrelevant in my country (actually in all of Europe) and partly because the city cannot be made required. The latter I simply don’t understand…

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Yes, same here. Paperform, please do not forget international customers! Great product, could be even greater! :slight_smile:

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Yes please! Ability to remove or rename would also be fine.

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Hi guys
@kindredkaren @bbsunvigo @Laszlo
A great suggestion!
Currently, you can edit the Address Question Type through ‘Theme Settings’ > Translations.
You have the ability to change the wording and even language of the fields, whether it be State, City, Etc. A workaround and does not resolve the issue of not being able to remove any of the fields, yet a great bit of knowledge to have. :+1:


Thanks, Alex.

I changed my translation and now city/suburb is county (which is an existing term in our country but we don’t use it in addressing) and state is city so this way filling it out is required. It looks good now and I just hope it won’t mess up anything elsewhere where city/suburb should really be city.

By the way, why city/suburb is not a required field? Do you not need to mention the city in addressing in Australia? I’m just curious about it.

Another related issue.
If I want to restrict addresses to a country (which I would in most of the cases), the name of the country appears in English in the form. When I use a form in my local language it looks a bit awkward.
Any chance to make country names translatable?

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I’d also love to see the ability to add fields. It’s fairly common (at least here in the states) to need a second line before you hit city / state / zip. (For things like apartment numbers, etc.)

It’s actually important enough for the business I am working for that we can’t use the address question type at all. Which is a shame, because it would be really handy to have.


I’d also love it if we could have a variation of the address field that did not have “country” or at least allowed us to hide it. For some of my clients 100% of their customers will be local, let alone from another country. And my clients often say that having the country field is a pain. But the only other option is to create individual test fields (and then columns, etc) for all the other elements like street 1 and 2, city state and Zip.

Hi Alex,

Can I hope to hear from you within a year? :wink: :smiley:
Seriously, is it a technical challenge for you guys to make the country names translatable or even better enable us to hide it?

Hi @Laszlo

Hope you are keeping safe and well :slightly_smiling_face:

If you ever need to contact our team, you can reach out to :+1:
This will ensure a quick response from our team.

Our team is constantly working tirelessly on updating and releasing features for the platform.

The ability to translate the list of countries is not currently possible; however, creating a Dropdown field in place of the Country dropdown is the current workaround.
You can also create a similar set-up to the Address field using Text and Number Fields

You then have the ability to merge these fields using a Calculation Field so the response of the submitter is formatted in the same way as the Address Field.
The calculation formula would be:

{{ street prefill-key }} || ", " || {{ county prefill-key }} || ", " || {{ state prefill-key }} || ", " || {{ zip code prefill-key }} || ", " || {{ country prefill-key }}

You can always make a product suggestion to let the Product Team know about the need here: Product suggestions - Paperform Community

Stay safe

Hi Alex @Alex_Noles,

Thanks for your feedback.

I’m sorry if I offended you, that was not my intention.
I know your team makes a lot of efforts to further improve Paperform and I’m one of your biggest fans.

Still occasionally, there are some things that I don’t really understand. One of them was why we cannot hide or translate the name of the country in the address field.

I appreciate your suggestion for a workaround. I will give it a try.

Peace :peace_symbol: :innocent:

Hi again @Laszlo

I hope you are well :blush:

Absolutely no offense taken!
I hope I did not come across this way. :pray:

We have had multiple conversations in the past and eager to keep that relationship blossoming :+1:

The community acts as a forum, and to receive a quick response from one of the team members we recommend reaching out to our support team:
I would not want you waiting for a reply regarding an issue on the community :pray:

To translate the Address Field options, we would have to take into account all supported languages within our Translation feature; this is currently not feasible.
The structure of the Address field in regards to integrations and response capture also needs the Country field included, otherwise an error would occur.

However, as new releases and updates are constantly on their way something may be on the roadmap soon.

Let us know if we can help with anything else at all Laszlo :grin:

Stay safe mate!! :+1:

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Glad to hear that, I’m relieved now. :wink:
Take care, Alex!

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