Dean from Paperform

Hey fantastic people - I’m Dean, one of the founders of Paperform. There probably isn’t much for me to tell you about my business, but I’d love to hear about yours, and how Paperform has / can / could one day help!

I run Paperform with my wife / co-founder Diony from home with our two small children. We’re based in Sydney, Australia, but we have a global team :earth_asia::earth_americas::earth_africa:.

We thought this forum might be useful way for our users to connect with each other, socialise, learn, and share a little bit of our lives. I hope you get value out of it!


Hi Dean :wave:

I wanted to go ahead and thank your parents for putting you into this world… Also wanted to thank Diony’s parents and also wanna take the opportunity to thank the universe and destiny because you ended up meeting each other and eventually created one of my favorite resources, ever.

Also, one huge thank you to Sydney, Australia, for being home to two of the most amazing brains ever created and god bless their two children and the amazing global team behind Paperform!

Sorry for my academy award speech :joy: :joy: but I really feel grateful for you guys and what you have created together! :blue_heart:


You are lovely Joao! We are so happy to have met you and to continue hearing about the very cool stuff I know you will achieve with Paperform. We are very fortunate to be in a position to let our creativity flow, and we wish for the same opportunities for you too :blue_heart: