Default Translations

I suggest you to add default translations for popular languages.

In my opinion it does NOT make any sense to ask all the users to the same translations over and over again.

To clarify on this, do you mean that you don’t think distinct users should have to set this up or that you, personally, have to set up a translation repeatedly?


I meant why do we (paperform users) need to translate Spanish, Italian, German etc instead of Paperform providing the translations for those languages. If we need modification we modify it using the translation feature.

As it stands if there are 1000 users who want to use Italian translation each of those 1000 users need to translate all the strings in the " General Translations" (such as cancel, Credit card, email, back , submit etc).

The translations, as they currently are, provide more flexibility in application.

Perhaps, for example, someone wants to translate cancel as go back in their language. Instead of applying the translation for them, which would probably just use Google Translate (with all its errors), there’s flexibility. There are quite a few pieces you can change, so it could get messy rather quickly.

Initially, that does require some setup on the part of the user. However, you can apply translations across forms at will, so it only needs to be set up once.

Certainly, though, we look over feedback and decide where to go from there, so this may not always be the case.

Hi Mark,
I LOVE the flexibility.

I find it very inefficient that you let all of your users translate cancel, back, put a higher number than X in other languages.

You should provide DEFAULT translations for those languages (common, popular ones) and let users CHAGE it if required as you do in English. You provide the user interface in English not ask all the users to come up with their own translations.

Certainly understand where you’re coming from. I’ll file a feature request for this and the product team will review it at their next meeting.

Thank you :slight_smile:

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