Destin from QrEcuador


I’m Destin, I’m the head Designer for Qr Ecuador . I’m also the head honcho leading the Paperform account :v:.

Super glad we found Paperform :grin:. Paperform has become essential in our business. Basically Paperform helps us to create online menus for restaurants in Ecuador ensuring “Contactless Service”. All from the comfort of your phone. Using Paperform we are keeping business alive in the country and keeping jobs open. So thanks Paperform! This platform is truly one of the kind and I can’t wait to see how it innovates in the competitive field that is “Online Form Builders”. I think you guys are number 1! :partying_face:

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Thanks so much for the kind words, @Destin_Tenemaza! Glad we could help out there!

Hola Destin :wave: Great to meet you! Very happy that you’re enjoying using Paperform :confetti_ball: Should you have any feedback/product suggestions, don’t hesitate to start a new thread in the community.