Encrypt Content sent from Form 1 to Form 2

Have us a custom key created like 512 Characters and Numbers random. That is unique from everyone.

Then when we have a form that goes to another form, have it encrypt the content with that key, so that hackers cannot see the query on the way it sends:

could instead be:

Like that, then when the new form gets it, it see’s that there is a jq or whatever you want to call it,
then it uses the same key to unencrypt it.
Then knows what everything it had is there, so it can still use it.

Everyone has a key, no matter what, it just creates it never time they login, if they don’t have one.

it never changes, so that way if someone did a book mark, it still can unencrypt it.

Something like that for security.


I don’t see the point to be honest.
If a “hacker” has access to the URL query string then he will access to the encryption key (I doubt the correct terminogly will be encryption key) which is also present as a query string.

I guess you want to avoid having all the information available in the query string but still want to pass information.
My suggestion would be pass submission ID and merge both submissions using another tool. (zapier integromat etc)