Explain: Page load scripts / Successful submission scripts

Can someone give me examples of the different types of scripts I would include here and why. I don’t really understand what to include and why?

What types of scripts would I include in a page load script. What tools have scripts that work here?

What types of scripts would I include in successful submission. Would they be different from or the same as page load scripts.

Can someone also give me examples on how they are using these.


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An example for inserting a page load script is when you want to add a chatbot to your form.

You would use a successful submission script when e.g. you want to track your conversions in a Google Ads campaign.


Thank you Laszlo. I just tested it with a chat bot and it worked!!

So if I was doing facebook ads I could also add a conversion script etc… in the submissions.

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You’re most welcome, Dennis.

Yes, you can insert the appropriate part of your FB pixel in there and you will be able to track form conversions.

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We’ve included Dubb video script, tweet to share script, and others.

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How do you use the Dubb script?

Can it show a video? Or can people record a video?

Disregard, I read this wrong. We just inject HTML to show a clickable Dubb video for a reply from the user.