Export bug - number field types in CSV

I am realizing that when I export submissions to a csv it sends empty number values as a 0 to the CSV. For my purposes at least, a user submission is very different from a null field, and in an export I can’t tell the difference, so I need to manually update the csv now based on actual submissions. Null values of a number input should be exported to CSV as an empty cell, not a 0.

Hey, @Shawn_Eliav.

I see what you’re talking about. In the submissions dashboard, it’s represented as - but then it’s a 0 when exported. The default PDF summary removes the field entirely since it only shows the answered fields. As such, it does look like there’s inconsistency there, so I’ll open a bug for it.

Meanwhile, if you don’t need your users to be able to use 0 as an answer, you can set the minimum value on a field to 1, for example. That way, if you see a 0 in submission data, you’ll know it was because the question was not answered instead.