Feature for Lead Generation Marketers | Round Robin Form Submissions to different Emails

I’m a marketer that generates leads for a bunch of insurance agencies. This feature would be very useful for others like me, not sure how many are using Paperform or not.

You can currently add conditional logic for emails which is great. I use this a lot for the lead to “select their county” and then that conditionally routes them to a particular agent/email address.

What I am asking for goes a step further and round robins to different agents/email addresses. Every time someone submits the form it goes to the next agent/email address inline (that I setup). This would also be great to implement with conditional logic. If the lead answers x question with x answer send an email to round-robin setup.

Calling all my lead gen marketers to upvote this as I know most of you would use this at some point as well.

The current way I get around this is sending form submissions to zapier and executing the round robin set up there (which is fine but can be a pain in the rear)


Thanks for sharing this use case, John! Definitely and interesting feature request, or should I say workflow request? :smiley:

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