Fredy from Bluestone Visuals

Hello all!
I’m Fredy, really happy to join the community.

I’ve been using and following Paperform since 2017 (not a heavy user though, came here looking to learn from the rest), I use it for our website as a contact form and sometimes to process payments as well as for general chores like keeping track of business expenses.

Last year I had some issues trying to figure what to get to my wife for Christmas so I came out with an idea and made a thematic form that I forwarded to her and due to all the options, it looked like it was one of those social media games and she filled it! :sunglasses:, thanks!.

Looking forward to the growth of the community, wishing you all the best.


Hey Fredy,

Hope you’re keeping safe and well! So cool to hear you’ve been using Paperform since 2017. That form for your wife is genius!! I’m going to have to try that for my partner’s birthday :joy:

Since you’ve been using the product for so long, are there any features you’ve been hoping we’d introduce?


@Fredy nice to meet you! Super creative use of Paperform, love it! @Vrinda maybe we could do something similar next Christmas — but for the community members here?


Hi Vrinda,
Regarding the features, not really, all of our current needs are covered :wink:
I’m eager to see what new feature releases are coming!

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