Have you tried out the Guided Mode?

Hey friends, for those that are not aware, we have released the Guided Mode – a powerful new feature that brings an entirely new form experience to Paperform.

How’s it different? Well rather than showing a few questions on a static page, it shows one at a time, providing a more intimate, conversational experience. It gives a more human feel to your forms and keeps your audience engaged.

Guided Mode is ideal for short quizzes, surveys and any forms you expect to be filled out on mobile, while Standard Mode is best for larger forms, and payment or product pages.

Boring multi-page forms lower completion rates by as much as 20%. But with Guided Mode’s one question at a time style, you can reduce drop-off rates, draw more considered responses and send your conversion rates through the roof.

Give it a go, you can toggle between the two any time from the Settings menu, so you’ve got nothing to lose!

Check this video Danny recorded about the Guided Mode, and let us know if you have any questions!