Hiring the prettiest form maker you know

Hey there! I have a wedding photo & video company and I would like to hire someone to create a beautiful sales proposal that I can send to clients once I’ve gotten that verbal “ok”.

I’ll provide: a gazillion pictures and videos that can be used. A contract that must be included for them to sign. A basic list of stuff I’d like to ask.

I’d like clients to be able to select one of three main packages, or selecting a “a la carte” option. Plus as many addons as their heart desires. I will provide info on all this. I need something to auto calculate travel fees based on the zip code for their venue. I’d like to be able to pre-fill certain parts of the form, and I think I’d prefer it “typeform-style” with 1 question at a time.

Website at www.tolmanmediaorlando.com if you’re looking for a visual.

Interested? Show me anything kinda sorta similar you’ve done and give me your pricing. Need to get this out of the way quickly.

Thank you

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