Hyperlinks as answer in logic form

There is a possibility to choose “URL” as an answer today - but that is ment for the users to fill out. I need an answer-function where i can write in the URL.

Im creating a guide-form for a costumer, where the user is supposed to end up with hyperlinks to treatment(s).

Yes, you can hyperlink text etc - but then you get a input field bellow the hyperlinked text - which may look kinda unprofessional.

A quick solution would be to give the URL-answer a possibility to “remove input” field.

What do you mean by “input field below the hyperlinked text”?

The yellow field - would be perfect if that could be hidden! :slight_smile:

You have two options here:

  1. As a field, inline with other fields (as depicted in your image)
    This would be done by using a visible calculation (minimum plan: Pro) with a hyperlink in its title. The calculation doesn’t need to contain any text, but may if you’d like and will be used as its “answer” that the user cannot edit.

  2. On the form directly
    You can hyperlink text that is placed directly on the form body outside of any question group.