Is there a way to view a specific page while editing?


Is there a way for me to display a specific page while editing my form? I am building a form which is at three pages. While working on the second or third page if I want to see what those pages look like I need to answer all the required questions on the proceeding pages to see how things are looking. This can get quite tiresome over time. So I am wondering if there is a way to show a specific page directly.

Thank you.

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Hey there.

Not currently, no. What I tend to do myself in this situation is either make questions optional temporarily or add in a default answer for the questions for now. That way, I can get to the page I want fast.

Alternatively, if the questions on the pages you want to skip aren’t necessary for what you want to check on a later page, change the visibility logic on those page breaks temporarily so that their logic isn’t satisfied. If their logic isn’t satisfied, they won’t display, and so will be “skipped” effectively. It’s a quicker solution that requires less work so long as it fits what you’re testing.

Thank you, that’s helpful. I thought about changing question options or setting defaults, but I just know that I would forget one or more of them which simply isn’t ideal :stuck_out_tongue: .

I do like the idea of hiding previous pages. I had thought of changing the page order, but that doesn’t see to be an option.

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