Let Users add their own Stripe credentials

Would be nice if User roles were more flexible. Had a situation where the client will not let me connect their Stripe account. So I thought this is a great opportunity to upgrade my account to the Agency plan and assign a User role to them. Until I realized that the client can only add their own Stripe details if I grant them Admin/Owner permission. That will not be possible as that allows them access to all my info and other client forms.

It will be super helpful if Users can enter/update their own Stripe account credentials.


I did not know about it but it’s an issue for sure.

Since both users and payment accounts can be restricted to tags, I guess it would make sense to enable users to add/modify/delete such accounts within their tag.

There are several serious problems with Paperform’s permissions management and I have already reported that many months ago but Paperform doesn’t want to make any changes to that. Apart from what you mention, there are also problems with the calendars because no user of your Agency account can add their own calendars and if they want to use their own calendar, you have to add them (for that you will need them to tell you their username and password), that is ridiculous and violates the privacy of your users. In addition, when a user wants to create a form with a calendar, he can select any calendar from his agency account, not only his own calendar, but he can see all the calendars. Isn’t this completely absurd?..well, for Paperform it isn’t and these serious flaws are still there (and seem to continue in the future), and that’s why we can’t use our agency account with half of our customers :sleepy:

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I was about to offer similar services but now I will put it on hold. I was not aware of this issue and it sounds concerning…

I’m looking forward to the response of the Paperform team.

@dean the permissions issue is a real blocker for your agency users.
Hope you will consider this as the whole idea of agency plan is to grow and not be stuck with more support to connect calendars and other integrations.

Besides, who in their right mind will give you admin logins details to their financial account?

When I asked this in support this is what I got.
“This is something you will have to discuss with your client.”

If I can convince them to do that, then I might as well get logins to their checking account and pay myself.


Hey gang - yep, user permissions is definitely a sore spot in the product at the moment and something we’re still figuring out how to handle better. Our original thought process was the keep the “User” role as restricted as possible when it came to creation, but that certainly came with some downsides.

For reference @Alauddin, the workaround for this use case, in particular, wouldn’t be for the client to give you credentials to their account, it would be for you to escalate their Paperform user’s account permissions to “Admin”, then have them connect it, and then downgrade them to “User”, which is still less than ideal.


Which brings the security risk of someone deleting everything on the account or accessing forms , answers etc that they are NOT supposed to.

Thank you @dean for confirming that you guys are aware of the permissions issue and something you are figuring out how to handle better.

I was thinking it was a business decision to handicap agency accounts for some reason. :sweat_smile:

Here are a couple of ways that I think permissions can be improved for agency use.

  1. Restrict Stripe accounts by Space and not Tag.
    I understand spaces functionality was added later but spaces are more robust to separate out clients.
    You have this already for users, so implementing the same for payment accounts would be awesome.

  2. Adding stripe account with ‘developer’ role.
    We can ask clients to give us ‘Developer’ access to their Stripe account in order to connect it as admin in Paperform.
    This is a much more reasonable ask, and then after connecting we can restrict it to their ‘space’.

Hope that is something you guys will look into :slight_smile:

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