Looking for better looking templates


I am currently subscribed to Typeform, and I really like Paperform more for its more advanced functionalities but I am really finding it hard to find well-designed forms in the templates section.

I am looking for forms that are as good as Typeform in terms of design.

I wonder if someone can point me in the right direction.

I’m not sure if anyone else agrees, but I really believe that Paperform can do a better job in terms of offering templates that look more aesthetically pleasing.

Hi there. Would you mind pointing to some of Typeform’s templates that you were looking to see emulated on Paperform?

For my current needs I settled with this template:

I just couldn’t find anything even close to it in the template gallery in paperform

Which elements are you looking for exactly?

The functionality is certainly possible on Paperform given that it’s just a mixture of text, multiple-choice, scale, yes/no, and email questions, all of which we support. It also uses what we call answer piping and potentially visibility logic to conditionally display certain questions or text based on previous answers.

Typeform has a rather specific style that they adhere to for all their forms. If you’re looking for the specific design that Typeform offers, then, yeah, our forms don’t look exactly like theirs. They might be able to if you were so inclined to use custom CSS (Agency).