Make a Text field read-only

Hey all, anyone aware of a way to make a text field read-only? We want to pass some hidden data to a form and then display it in a read-only format.

In this specific case, we need to make use of the conditional logic to display this field.

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Hey, @danmaby.

You can pre-fill a hidden field and then pipe the hidden field’s value into a calculation. On the calculation, you can set visibility logic such that the hidden field must be answered. So, if you don’t pre-fill the hidden field, it won’t be answered and the calculation won’t show up.

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Hey @danny

Thanks again for jumping in. That was the route I went down. I managed to create the required functionality by using a combination of conditional logic on a bunch of calculated fields, which used the IF statement to convert the Stripe subscription ID into a read-only field displayed to the user.

You can see the results by selecting the Monthly Donation options here: