Modal window with help text/image for questions and products

Offer a help icon on questions and products that open a small modal window with more information about the product. Many products and questions need some help text, often including images in order for a user to make the right choice. At the same time you don’t want to overload the form with content.

This could be done by offering to simply open a link in a help text in a modal window instead of opening the link in a new tab.


This would greatly enhance the Paperform offering for selling multiple products. Currently there’s only so much text you can put into a product description field without it looking messy.

Adding a tooltip type feature like this would enable you to add much more info about the product should the user want/need it.

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This does sound interesting! There’s similar functionality present with the image expansion done on product images, so I wonder if it could be carried over to expand some description field instead.

At the moment this is the biggest issue I have with Paperform - I love the product but my order forms are too heavy duty as everything has to be explained longhand. On a mobile this becomes awful. A tooptip popup would make a huge difference to the forms. Happy for it not be a hover if hard for mobile but just a ? you could put on any question that would expand some text below. I have looked at replicating this with a “more detail” yes/no question then a conditional on page section with text but it is so ugly!!! Help!