More respondents for survey

Would it be possible to ask the community for advice on finding more respondents?

I’ve used Facebook and Twitter Ads, but the conversion rate for the investment is way out.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Ah just saw you asked for advise here! I am thinking maybe Reddit?

@Dave hello, nice to meet you! :wave: Hm, that’s actually a tough question to crack :chestnut: Do you think you might share your survey here? It might make it easier to suggest something more precise. But for now, a few generic ideas:

Depending on the sub-Reddit’s rules (make sure the sub-Reddit is relevant to your industry), you might be able to ask for the responses. Try creating a text post (as opposed to just a link-post) and explaining why it’s important for you to get the responses.

Facebook Groups
Joining relevant FB groups and posting in there might be another option. Sometimes, rather niche (and smaller) FB groups are more active and friendly than big and crowded ones.

Ask Influencers For Help
Depending on your niche/topic/industry, you might be able to ask the influencers (people who have a large social media following / well connected people) for help.

@VladShvets Hiya and thank you for your reply and information.

More than happy to share the survey here, this is the link
I have not approached Reddit, will look into this. Although I have joined some Environmental/recycling FB groups with the intention of asking the group some questions with regards to the recycling aspect of the Chi Cup.

The problem I found here, is that it’s ok to talk or make suggestions, but if you contact admin and ask to place surveys into the group they associated it with selling and prohibit this action.

So while it does help to get some feedback, it does not actually give me the data content I need to evaluate my product. Although as you mentioned Influencers, could be a way to go, will look into this, thank you.

Appreciated you taking the time to reply,
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@Dave CHI CUP looks really really cool, I’d likely purchase it :slight_smile: You’d mentioned on your landing page that the survey is for the business people / professionals — would you fancy it if I filled it in (unbiased response) + if I shared your survey with my colleagues/friends?

RE: FB Groups: makes sense! If I were you, I’d still give it a second shot, maybe ask the admins for explicit permission before posting? Also, try joining local/niche groups, those are sometimes more friendly.

RE: Reddit: maybe try posting your survey (probably best if it was a text-post explaining more about your idea & product) on the following sub-Reddits:

Anyways, good luck, really hope you manage to collect enough data to validate the product! :slight_smile:

Hey @Dave, how are you doing? :slight_smile: Just checking in whether those suggestions were of any help and if you managed to make some progress with your survey? If not, let me know, happy to continue brainstorming :brain: