Move cancel button

It would be helpful if the “cancel” button appeared below the Submit button instead of in the upper left corner of the screen. It’s easy to overlook - especially on larger monitors. And why not group these two actions together? If they don’t want to submit, they want to cancel. It makes sense to have the two options at least in the same general area.

“Cancel” button? Could you elaborate on what you mean by it?

I’ve been using Paperform for many years but I’ve never seen one on any of my forms.
And frankly, I don’t why it would be useful to have it. The sole purpose of a form is to get submissions and if someone does not want to do so, they are free to leave the page anyway.

I might be missing your point nevertheless.

Perhaps the cancel button only appears when the form is taking payments. And then you definitely want it. Because if they just abandon the order and come back days later and go to place another order those items are still there and they have to deal with it or accidentally order them. Whereas if they cancel the order it is properly cancelled and the next time they come to place an order it is a clean slate.

Okay, so you were referring to payments. I get it now.