Moving & Rearranging Products

Hi there Paperform Team! Is there a trick/tip to moving and rearranging products around? My challenge is that I have around 100+ products and when I create a new one, default is that it falls at the bottom of the product form. Since these are new products, I want them to be at the top rows and the first to be seen, so I have to manually move them up one by one by clicking each using the up arrow. I wish they could just be dragged going up or wherever I want them placed! This is the same challenge when products are sold out and I want to move them at the bottom of the form or when I just want to move around products based on inventory or collection/theme.

Also, I hope you come up with an option to view the product creation page in horizontal or vertical option.


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You might find it easier to export the products and make the required changes in your preferred spreadsheet software. Then you can import them. The order or the products will match the order in the sheet.

Hope that helps! L