Naviguate to specific question

is it possible to be redirected to a specific question (form with 1 page = 1 question) when the form is pre-filled ?

For exemple, if I pre-fill the form with the 2 initial questions, I would like to be directly sent to the third one, but with the option to return to the previous questions (with the arrows).

I’ve tried to do it with break attribute => page visibility logic: On set on if the answer is not answered.
My actual solution works, however I can’t return to the previous questions which are pre-filled because the visibility is now set to “off”.

I couldn’t find any parameter to put on the url to put in place what i need (or any other solution).

Thanks in advance for the help !

Hi, @jean.

Definitely a clever idea there! However, you are correct that the previous pages wouldn’t be able to be accessed, then. Currently, there’s not a feasible workaround. Basically, we’d have to let you dictate which page to drop the user into (and ensure questions previous to it were actually answered to avoid user confusion).

I’d recommend hopping over to the product suggestions section on here to bring this up!