Notion (beta) integration not passing URLs or Email fields

Hey, testing the Notion integration and appreciate it’s in beta. I wanted to highlight that neither email nor URL fields are being passed to Notion when submitted via a form.

Hey, I was just testing this out and it seems to be working ok for me. You might like to open a ticket in the in app support chat and we can look into it further.

Hey @Josh

Appreciate you jumping in. Sorry, I should have been more explicit in my initial post. The URL content is not appearing in the body of the page’s contents. Having the URL applied to a property, as you have demonstrated, works for me.

Posting to page content:


Thanks for clarifying! I’ll look into it again and let you know how I go. It might save some back and forth if I know which form is affected. Can you share a link here or by email with the url of the form you are having trouble on?

It looks to be working as expected for me still:

Are you testing the action by clicking the test button? Clicking test will send the values from the last submission of the form. If some of the questions were not answered then no value would be appearing for them.

No worries, I’m using the properties fields as a solution, so it’s not something causing me issues. But I wanted to flag, as I know it’s in beta :+1:

However, this is the form I’m using:

That’s interesting. I’d tried both testing via the send test option in PF, the submitted form had data. As well as via a regular form submission. Each time the Notion content was empty.

The Notion integration action on the linked form doesn’t match what was in your screenshot earlier. The configured page contents is:

# Content Details 

Description: {{ 57h7d }}

# Bio

{{ c88a }}


## Image(s)
{{ 61k6t }}

## Document(s)
{{ 3rh0b }}

Can you double check we are looking at the same form?