Paperform Freelancer

Hello All,
We have been recently looking into using Paperform.
Since we are new to the platform we are looking to hire a Paperform Freelancer for this task to make the process smooth and efficient.
Is anyone in this community looking to work as a Paperform Freelancer
This will of course be a paid role.
Thanks in advance

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Hello Jonathan,

I might be interested but would like to know more about your needs first.
FYI I’ve been using Paperform for my own as well as my clients’ businesses since 2017.


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I think you’re making a great decision with Typeform Jonathan, it’s been a great addition to my own business. I’d love to know more about what goals you’re trying to achieve with Paperform and explore if I can help you get there.

Feel free to email me at to arrange a chat :+1:

hi Jonathan,
If would like to set up something between Paperform and, I’d love to help. For one client I made sure that their contacts (the end user) saw the last answer they gave in their form and if they altered their data (like a RDV date), we had a notification ( in ). Others are better with AT, Notion etc.
feel free to ask, cheers, christiaan