Paperform - Zapier-Coda


I used Zapier to send data to from Paperform
In Coda I have a table that stores the data from this form and it works fine.

what I want next
Next I want send the user an email containing an URL that permits the user to update his/her own data (if necessary) and my idea was to use both the URL of the form (as you get it via Zapier) and the unique ID of the submitted form. I wonder how to configure the URL so that the user can review and if necessary adapt the provided data (for example there is an error in the phone number).

This is a part of the info I got via Zapier and using formulas in Coda I can create any URL I need.

Is this possible and if so, how would you suggest me to proceed.

Thanks for helping me out!

Best from Ghent, Belgium.

Dear @Dean_McPherson : can you please have a look to check if it is possible what I ask (re-opening a prefilled form based on a unique url I create in Thanks for your support.

Hi Christiaan –

We effectively do this all the time using Airtable and Zapier. Using the airtable record ID as the primary key rather than the Paperform submission ID, we build the Paperform querystring from the original results plus the airtable record ID. The subsequent submission can then update the airtable record via Zapier. I presume a similar thing to be done using Coda if preferred.

Feel free to get in touch if you’d like further explanation.

Best Wishes,

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Hi John,

Thanks for the wonderful suggestion. How does your URL then look like?
I used AirTable quite a lot, but then moved to Coda.
thanks for helping me!
best Christiaan

Hi @john4man , it took me a bit of time to solve the issue between Coda & PaperForm. I used the following logic:

  1. The Row ID is send as part of a concatenate via an URL in the confirmation email via Coda, using a Coda automation based on New Row
  2. the usage of the link in the confirmation email to alter data (via Paperform) returns the RowId to the Coda DB
  3. Inside Zapier I use the Coda Trigger Upsert to add a new row in case no existing Row ID is provided, but if there is an existing RowID, the Upsert replaces the values in the Row

As you know, connecting a user to a RowID instead of a user property is super robust, that way it’s immune to any other modifications the user may make !:slightly_smiling_face:

Best, Christiaan

Hi @Christiaan

Sorry I missed your reply before, but glad you figured it out! I’ll have to check out Coda.

All the Best,

hi @john4man,

The idea I mentioned broke early Oct 2020. I decided to create two alternatives:

  1. One in Zapier
  2. One in Coda

I guess both might help in case you come accross comparable issues.

Best, Christiaan