Pay now or later

Hey everyone,

I thought I would share some of our most popular feature requests with you all. We’d love to hear from you if this would help you solve problems or if you have any other suggestions.

Sometimes it’s helpful to offer users the option to pay now online or pay cash later, for example when picking up their order. There are already a few workarounds for this but a simple toggleable option would be easier to setup.



Absolutely, I would love to have it.

It would be especially useful in countries where online payment is still not widely accepted and/or Stripe is not available and many do not use PayPal.

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Yes, this would be awesome. We’re a youth church and most of our members would not have credit cards. As a result, we do need to accept cash.

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@Josh That is awesome to have. Exactly what I am waiting for.

I know that things don’t happen at the snap of your fingers, but is this live / close to? Also, what work arounds are there? Thanks!

Hi there, it’s not on the roadmap right now, but Product team regularly reviews feature requests and prioritizes based on demand and their bandwidth.Keep an eye on our Product updates :slight_smile: