Payment Gateways for South Africa

Hi there, would it be possible to add a payment gateway we can use in South Africa please? The best one I have used before is ‘Payfast’. The payment gateways you have on Paperform is not available in South Africa and this would help tremendously if we could have a payment gateway that we can use. Paperform is such a pleasure to use, just we need to sort the payment gateway urgently in South Africa, otherwise we cannot use your platform here in SA.

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That would be super if you guys can integrate PayFast.
Our agency will definitely use this feature alot!

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Is there any way to “up-vote” a recommendation?

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Paperform, have you looked at this proposal yet?

Hey, @Bernadette.

We don’t currently have any plans to add payment gateways, but I’ll make sure the team is aware of the need.

I can’t find any more concrete information on it without possibly going through a sign-up flow, but is PayPal not available in South Africa?

Stripe recently posted a press release about acquiring Paystack and, if it clears regulatory hurdles, indicates they’ll assimilate it into their global product, so you may see support via Stripe at some point relatively soon.

Hi @danny

Thank you for your reply. Although we are able to use PayPal in South Africa, PayPal does not offer ZAR (South African Rand) as a valid currency.

If you could please ask your developers to consider this. PayFast is part of DPO and they basically have a monopoly over the entire African Continent. Which means that PaperForm will benefit massively being able to add just this one payment gateway.

They have a very well documented guide for developers and will assist with the integration.

Please keep us posted.
Kind Regards,

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