Piping calculation results

It would be very helpful to be able to pipe the results of one calculation field into another calculation field, just as you can the responses to various questions. In particular, my form calculates the individual price of an item based off of a pricing grid. That price is then used, along with other answers from the form, to generate an estimated total order price. Right now, I have to duplicate the entire individual price calculation into the total order price calculation and then add on the remaining pieces of the calculation. This makes for very long calculations and the form starts to have issues loading if calculations get too long. It would vastly simplify matters if I could take the answer from one calculation and pipe it into another! :slight_smile:

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We definitely feel your pain on this one. Unfortunately it would be way too easy to create infinite logic loops where calculations recalculate based on other calculations. This would crash the browser. The product team decided it was preferable to make this impossible even though it makes it a bit inconvenient to use calculation results in other calculations.