Pull data into a paperform

We use paperform for quite a lot of our internal processes so for data integrity we use a dropdown with client names. The downside of this is that we have to update our client list across multiple forms.

It would be amazing to be able to keep a single list of clients (within paperform, a google sheet, anywhere really) and then have that pull through to selected dropdown questions (or similar)



Yes this would be awesome. Like pull products from Google Sheets to Paperform. Customers could handle product selection, availability etc. much easier.

Welcome @Andrew, This has been discussed/requested in the past. It would be super helpful if we can create content blocks (Form Groups) that can be repurposed across multiple forms.

hi, The filling out of a form works rather well using AirTable or Coda.io. If that is an option to you, why not. VIsuals and documents gathered via Paperform you cannot ‘re-inject’, at least not for the moment. Best, Christiaan

I wrote a blog post in ENG on how to prefill a paperform using Coda.io

Best Christiaan