Push all existing submissions to webhook?

Is there a way to send all of the existing submissions to a webhook?

I know I can fetch them via API but that means having to write a lot more code for something that I only need once.

The “test” only sends the latest, and then of course any new submissions will be sent, but it would be nice to populate my database with all of the existing submissions easily.

I ended up using the API. It was a little awkward since the webhook format is so different.

But the biggest problem is that the webhook submits the files, but I don’t see any way to retrieve the custom files from the API.


Since webhooks are fired upon submission, you can’t send out all past submissions via webhook on demand. Rather, they would have needed to have that webhook set up prior to being submitted.

The webhook payload is a bit different than, say, the exported submission data. You can certainly inspect the payload first before implementing a solution to receive that payload by using something like Request Inspector.

Can you clarify what you mean by the webhook submitting the files but being unable to retrieve the files from the API? Are you referring to files uploaded to the form via an image or file upload question?

I’m talking about the custom PDFs that are generated. The webhook includes them as

pdfs: [
    { filename: X, url: X }
    { filename: X, url: X }

But the API doesn’t have any way to retrieve the custom PDFs for a submission that I can see.

It looks like you are correct. I’ll file a feature request to see if we can add that information to submission data pulled via the API.