[RESOLVED] Checkboxes - an essential form field

Honestly, I was a little amazed to see this essential form requirement lacking in such a well-rounded product offering.

I appreciate the multiple-choice options offers a workaround, but it’s just that a workaround. It lacks the binary on/off option of a single field that’s required for so many use cases. Privacy/Terms acceptance being the most obvious.

An issue with the workaround; once a single multiple-choice field is selected, there’s no way to deselect that item. So if chosen in error, the user has to reload the form.

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Hey, @danmaby.

I haven’t found these issues to be the case with the workaround. You can select and de-select a multiple-choice option at will (provided you haven’t hit the maximum number of answers if set in the configuration). Additionally, you can use a multiple-choice with a single option to allow term agreement questions.

To illustrate both points, here’s a screencast showing that in action:

Is there something I’m missing here?

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@danny my mistake, I’d completely overlooked the ‘more than one choice’ option! Thank you.

@danmaby, not a problem. Luckily, this was solved way faster than pushing a fix out!

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