Scheduler for form submission (Allow submissions daily for a set time period)

Hi team,

Great work with the product and nice to see a forum that allows members to share some ideas.

I would like to see paperform create a new option in Form Availability (Configure) that will allow users to set a start and end time for when submissions can be entered.

This will allows teams with specific work hours to avoid submissions (that are timely) to be submitted when no one is available to attend to it.

We have a driver service form for people to request a driver. Once form is submitted, our team will proceed to assign a driver to that submission. However, our team is not available 24/7 and we would not like to disappoint customers looking to make booking between 12am-7am. This feature will enable us to do that.

Do let me know if a more detailed technical explanation is needed. Cheers! :slight_smile:

This makes total sense Shiva! I see how this would be a very useful feature. Our product team will review this at the net Feature Review meeting!

Yay! Thanks Roxy! Looking forward for to your teams update. Thanks!