Send data to different Google sheets based on form answer?

Is there a way to have a condition where lets say I have one single form - and based on an answer provided on that form that the data can be directed to a certain Google sheet - I can easily have all the data go to one single sheet. I would like for example if someone fills in the a form with Blue - data goes to the Blue Google sheet , if they answer Green it goes to the Green sheet?

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You certainly can.

When setting up the Google Sheets direct integration, you have the option to toggle Use conditional logic. You can check whether an answer is equal to, say, “Blue.” If it is, it will add a row to the Sheet you selected and the values you mapped in the setup of that action (“Add Row to Sheet”).

Then, you can can set up another action (“Add Row to Sheet”) and set it up to go to a certain Sheet with specified values if that same answer was “Green” instead.

You can organize this by using different Sheets or different worksheets within the same Sheet.

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Ok I see that in the direct integration - does the direct integration support linking sheets on shared drives - the reason I was using the Zapier integration is because it seemed the direct integration does not see shared drives or even all my sheets?

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We use the direct integration to populate google sheets on a shared drive and on multiple sheets, so it must be possible.


The direct integration doesn’t currently have support for connecting to sheets in Team Drives. You might be able to workaround this by connecting to a sheet outside the team drive and then referencing the data from another sheet within the team drive.

We do have a feature request open for this, if you mention it in the in app support chat I can add your email to the feature request so you get notified if it is added in the future!

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I’m having the same problem - is this fixed? :))