Separate line items for each product

I am curious how I can make it so the google sheet isn’t full of unnecessary information and so that each product ordered is a separate line item within the same order. Also, it wouldn’t hurt to have each product ordered go on to its own sheet with same ordering info, just with individual items.

Basically we do Holiday Pies. So, it would be nice to have their info/order per the order form-- but under the products, each be a new line and omit the SKU and individual prices. Then it would also take that information (say Pumpkin Pie) and move their info to a “Pumpkin Pie” sheet-- so we can total how many to make.

Sorry that sounds repetitive. but just wanting to make sure I explain myself. I am not quite understanding conditional logic, unfortunately.

Thanks in advance!

Hi, sounds like you need to use Zapier. It’s easy to setup.

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