Show thumbnail of whole image - uploads

Hi there,

Just a suggestion I thought I’d put forward. Currently, when users upload images via the upload question type, a narrow strip of the image is previewed, which makes users think their image didn’t upload correctly.

Is it possible to instead show a thumbnail preview of the whole image uploaded?


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To follow up on this and refine it further, you mean that the image isn’t zoomed or cropped, correct? Not that you want the full dimensions of the uploaded image.

Maybe here is referring to something like this;

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Correct :slight_smile:

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Hi @danny, any idea if this suggestion might see the light of day any time soon? I’m about to start another project where it’s important for the user to preview the whole image uploaded (as per the discussion above). I’d love to use Paperform for this but the current ‘strip’ preview isn’t adequate and I might have to use another tool instead for this function.