Solution to Google Calendar account access and permissions issues

It has been a long time, more than a year, since I reported a major problem with all Agency type accounts or accounts that include users. The problems are several and very important:
-Users cannot add their own calendars to create and use calendar-type forms with their own calendar. In order to do that, the only option is that the user reveals us his access data to his private calendar (user and password) and that the administrator of the account includes that calendar. It’s absurd and nobody wants to reveal those confidential data
-When a user of your account wants to create a form with agenda notes, not only can he choose his own calendar, he can also see in the drop-down list all the calendars of all the users of your account. This can lead to confusion and errors, as well as reveal the existence and emails of other calendars - you can even test other users’ calendars!
-There are also other privacy errors that I will not mention in order not to lengthen the message but it also happens with the payment methods

Then, from Paperform they say several times that they are going to create a new permission system to be able to include user and decide what permissions they have etc (something very important for agency type accounts). However, more than a year has passed and nothing has happened, the problems continue and to use some types of forms we still have to pay and use another forms manager

Important note: the only current “solution” is to allow the user to have administrator permissions for the account so he can include his own calendars and means of payment, but is that really a good solution? That’s much worse because then the user can see the forms of all users and access information that does not belong to him. He can even change account configuration data. Really? That needs a real solution.


I fully agree, these are huge issues and hard to understand why have not been addressed by the team so far. :slightly_frowning_face:

Can you please update us on your plans, Dean @Dean_McPherson?

Yes, @Laszlo
I would also like to know what the status is. @dean

Hey all, as we discussed two months ago in Let Users add their own Stripe credentials changing the way permissions work within Paperform is still something we’re considering for the future, but it is a complex and difficult set of problems to solve in a way that will not negatively impact existing forms, security or expectations of behaviour. There is no timeline on product changes for this at this stage.

We’re a small product team and have a lot of plans of things we would like to do to make Paperform better for everyone (including reworking permissions), but it all takes time.

Regarding getting calendars into Paperform, I believe there is an alternative workaround for getting calendars into Paperform: you can have the user share access to the calendar itself with you on Google Calendar, and then you could add the calendar through your connection, instead of them having to connect their own. That stops any other calendars of theirs from being added.

Finally, please keep new community posts to new topics. I know you all mean well and just want the best out of Paperform for your businesses, but repetitive or non-constructive posts will be removed.

Thank you for your answer, but the problem of calendars cannot be solved as you suggest. The truth is that no user likes to reveal his access data to his calendar so that I can include his calendar instead of him being able to do that (besides, this is a serious privacy problem), so I think that this is not a solution to the problem.
On the other hand, I apologize if my suggestion that each user can include their own calendars without first obtaining full account administrator permissions is a repeated suggestion. Actually I have searched for that function and I have not found any report or suggestion (only the inclusion of payment gateways, but my post is focused on the calendars, although it is clear that payment gateways are also a problem), so I decided to suggest that the problem with the calendars be solved, but, although I have not found anything maybe there is a previous post about the same problem with the calendars, in that case I apologize