Temirlan from Optemization

Hi everyone :wave:I’m Paperform user of three years from Almaty, Kazakhstan. Love the product and this new initiative! I moved to the US eight years ago to go to boarding school. After getting kicked out & repeating junior year three times, I ended up studying entrepreneurship at New York University. There, I launched & failed my first startup, built the biggest entrepreneurship community and worked at a few accelerators.

Back when it was just Dean and Diony, they were so awesome to support NYU startups that I helped launch with a free Paperform plan :raised_hands:

After I graduated in January, I moved to Palo Alto with my mom (55), who is starting a healthy D2C bread business and restarted studies at Stanford. So pumped for her!

Right now, I’m working on building a remote school that teaches people how to be more efficient at work using nocode products. I’m really active in the space and I noticed that there are so many new tools popping everyday but education and training is lagging behind. I’m still figuring out the model but actively running two experiments:

  1. Optemization: agency that helps startups build & automate ops without code. So far, 10 projects with 7 clients in two months brining in ~$17k in revenue.
  2. Automagic: production & curation of NoCode & ops content. Got 290 subscribers.

Hey, Temirlan!

That’s awesome that you’re into no-code. It looks like you’re definitely passionate about it and about helping others flourish without requiring technical competence.

Speaking of your mother’s bread business, though, I do love me a good sourdough.

It’s great to have you as a dedicated user of the platform and I did notice that you’re using Paperform over on your Notion for Optemization. Nice. :wink: