Trigger actions (emails, integrations) with partial submissions

Hey everyone,

I thought I would share some of our most popular feature requests with you all. We’d love to hear from you if this would help you solve problems or if you have any other suggestions.

Triggering actions from partial submissions is a popular request which would allow things like abandoned cart follow up. It is a complex one though as we also need to respect people’s privacy!



Totally get this, but it would definitely supercharge Paperform big time! Sounds so freakin complex, but I know for a fact that you guys would be able to make this happen very elegantly!


What if you ask for the privacy permission first before people enter their personal data? Might lead to lower conversion rate but the engagement with lost partial submissions might even that out. Probably depends on the use case but might be worth an A/B test.

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A single reminder email would be great but I think as you stated it would be wrong and would be against the law.

If you make retargeting those users easier for us it might work.

I’m very interested in this feature. For my use case, we ONLY use Paperform embedded on our website with our Privacy Policy and TOS linked. Can this feature be added along with the user’s ability to set a privacy policy link or paste one into Paperform for those who don’t have it?


This would be really beneficial for paperform users. Let’s do it. and most ecomm companies send cart abandonment emails all the times.

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The issue is you are already opt-in with Amazon and other ecommerce companies.

Yes, this would be amazing!! Is this on the roadmap? I’m trying to find a form solution and abandoned cart/checkout emails are crucial

Yes… This Would Be Very USEFUL!!

We are using some forms for our clients - who are already opt-in.
So the feature we would love to see (ranked in order) are:

  1. email notification to us that a partial submission has been made. Perhaps a delay would be a good idea, i.e. submission initiated + no activity for 10 minutes

  2. option to create bespoke email template to give client a “nudge” (with link for them to jump back in and complete)

I would say it’s up to each PaperForm account owner to use the features responsibly :slight_smile:

Just an update that it’s still something we plan on supporting in the future. We don’t have a hard date at this point, but we haven’t forgotten!