Upload Products Live via Google Sheets

We use your Paperform - Pro solution. We are very pleased with the solution. Now we would like a custom update.

We now upload the products to Paperform via .csv. This is very time consuming, as we must first enter all the data in .xlsx, then change it to .csv, load it into Paperform and process it there manually because it does not display correctly.

Could you make us a custom solution?

Automatically, what is fixed in .xlsx (Google Sheet) would be displayed in Paperform and consequently on our website.

Please review the options and expect a positive response.

I believe a solution will be found.

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Any progress? It would be easier to give customer possibility to update products.

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Currently, we only allow updating products by importing a .csv or manually. This could potentially change in the future, but those are the sole options at this time.

This would be amazing to be able to essetnially reverse the google sheet intergation so that the forms can take data from google sheets - perfect for clients to be able to keep stock levels updated etc…

Certainly not the first time we’ve heard this! It’s a good bit of work and may not align with the way the product is set up, but we may investigate this in the future as bandwidth becomes available.