Using Paperform to pass on emails to a platform such as Mailchimp?

Have you created a form so you can capture emails and pass them on to a CRM tool such as Mailchimp?
I have seen this issue arise quite consistently, where a submitter will accidentally input a space before or after their email address. Some platforms will not rectify this and will save the customer’s address with space included. Of course, this is going to cause plenty of issues when creating mailing campaigns. So, how do we avoid this from occurring?
Simple, by using a calculation field.

Create a calculation field within your form and input the following
TRIM({{ email_question_key }}, " ")
You will need to replace email_question_key with the unique key found at the bottom of your email question field configuration.

Now when setting up your CRM integration simply select this new calculation field instead of the email question field and you will avoid any email address issues!


@Alex_Noles that’s a great tip! Thank you.

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That is fantastic! I never thought of that. So far I haven’t had issues (going to go check now though!). I guess I thought setting the field to Email would correct any issues with spaces.

Thanks again!

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Great tip. I implemented it. At first Zapier was giving me a bit of trouble but I refreshed a few things here and there and it finally recognized the field.

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I use mainly as ‘database’ or ‘CRM’ and tested this possible issue and did not find it.

Maybe I am mistaken, but I guess that PF takes care of this before sending the data (in my case via Zapier to Coda) when you set the field to Email.

I use PF to gather data, bring it into Coda via Zapier and next I present prefilled PF forms to the subscribers (using MailJet).

Best, Christiaan, Belgium

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Good tip! If you want to take this to the next level, add an email validation service (I use Zapier) and if it comes back as invalid (often because user made typo in email data entry), the next action is to email yourself or text the person (if you collected their mobile) to follow up and obtain the correct email.

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A good tip @Cary
And a great way to build that relationship with the client!

What if the email field is left blank?

@beezeyeview: If the email field is unanswered upon successful submission, this would pass through an empty string. However, I’d imagine that an email that you intend to pass through to Mailchimp would be a required question and, thus, could not be left blank in order to submit (where integrations are triggered after submission).

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