What feature of Paperform would make you cry if it was suddenly gone?

What are the three most important features of Paperform — three features that, if removed, would make you look for another solution immediately?

Does Theme count as one feature? Probably not, but man if that was gone I’d cry. How boring would life be without that :grimacing:


Oh man, just three features? :thinking: :sweat_smile:
This is too hard, they are all sooo damn important!

I would agree with Diony and say Theme is definitely a lot of fun and it is the one really helps us customize everything to our liking! I mean, in Theme alone we have: Theme Settings, Typography and the UI Elements, but above all Translations. This was the definitive factor for me and it was THE one feature that made me start using Paperform. It allowed me to translate the whole thing to my language! Not only allowed it but made it really easy for me to bridge that gap.

I would add:

  • Custom Pricing Rules;
  • Conditional Logic;
  • Answer piping;
  • Custom success pages, redirects and pdfs;

Oh, I am sorry, I know I listed 4 (well, technically 5 because I agreed with Diony :joy:) but these features are too good!


Custom CSS
Conditional logic
Custom success pages

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Oh cool! Maybe you could share how you use Custom CSS in our Developer category? I’m sure lots of people will find it useful! :pray:t3:


Sure. I’ll make a point to post something soon in there :+1: