What was your first impression of Paperform?

When you first signed up for Paperform, what was your first impression and experience with the tool?

When I first discovered Paperform, I was looking into a way of providing my clients/couples with a customized experience. Being that I am Portuguese, and most of my couples are Portuguese as well, Translations was the feature that really made me believe I could totally trust the platform. I immediately felt understood since no one else was providing a way of doing this correctly and easily.

After that, and as soon as I started messing around with the other features, I instantly realized I had a beast of a product standing right in front of me that could really help me and help my clients. I ended up creating my Custom Pricing Presentation for my freelance services and that ultimately help me reduce friction in my booking process. All that tiring and extensive email back and forth associated with confused clients, on what products and services they wanted to choose when they book with me, was eliminated.

So, Paperform really made an impression on me and I really felt you guys knew exactly what I needed!

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Thanks for sharing! Sounds like Paperform is just perfect for you! :smiley: Have you tried Bookings feature for booking your clients?

I am yet to try that!!! Can’t wait to carve out some time to try that new feature! :smiley:

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